“ Teaching Children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives.” —Thomas Berry

Every year Las Lagunas de Anza celebrates cultural and historical milestones with the people of Nogales, our youth and visitors. The following represent some of these events we have hosted:

The Fandango: Anza Days at Las Lagunas

Every year Las Lagunas de Anza is host to the Fandango held the first Saturday in October. The celebration includes tours of the wetlands, vender tables, games for all ages, entertainment, music, a cantina and more. This is open to the public at no charge and is our way of inviting the community to experience this beautiful site. This years celebration will be led by the Anza Ambassador Club.

International Migratory Bird Day and National Wetlands Month

Both of these special celebrations are in May and we always celebrate in some way or another. Sometimes a school class comes for a picnic and games, other times the public may join us for the festivities.

Photo by Don Clemans

Ambassador Closing Ceremony

At the end of the School Year, the Santa Fe Ranch Foundation and partners join together to celebrate a year of service of the Anza Ambassador Youth. They are presented with certificates, awards and scholarships. A few selected Ambassadors are awarded a trip to San Francisco to attend the festivities at the San Francisco Presidio where they also participate and present.

Harvest Dinner

The Harvest dinner is a farm-to-table style sit down al fresco dinner held every year in early November. The produce from our on-site garden provides for the menu. Guests enjoy a lovely 4 course meal, music, and presentations by the Anza Ambassador club underneath the stars. The theme changes years.. this year’s theme is Celebrating Volunteers and First Responders.

Dia de la Virgin de Guadalupe

This event always takes place on December 12th. It is an evening of music, children in costume, singing and prayer followed by a Mexican style reception of dulces and hot chocolate, tamales and cakes. No charge although donations are encouraged. Please contact the Santa Fe Ranch for more information.

Nature and Heritage Festival

This year we were the host for the kick off night for the Festival which celebrates local history, culture, and the environment. The kick off night included dinner, speakers and music. For more information please visit www.natureandheritage.org